Storage and use term of wooden products

Storage and use term of wooden products

Products made of natural wood get darker with time. This is a natural process resulting from the ageing of wood.

These products should be stored in dry places and not overheated.

Wooden kitchen utensils that may come into contact with water and food – such as boards, spatulas, spoons etc. should be oiled with edible, food oil before first use. It is recommended to use this method of maintenance every few months. Each time after manual washing they should be wiped to dry or left to dry at room temperature.

NOTE: The use of detergents accelerates the aging of wood. Wooden products:

  • DO NOT leave soaked in water

  • DO NOT clean in the dishwasher

  • DO NOT dry at a temperature above 30 °C

  • DO NOT store near a heat source.

Failure to comply the above rules may cause deformation and unsticking of wooden articles.